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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1975 SSPC Samples2Hunter, Catfish1$1.45
Buy it Today1976 Crane Discs21Hunter, Catfish5$1.25
Buy it Today1977 Burger Chef Discs178Hunter, Catfish1$3.99
Buy it Today1978 Yankees Photo Album12Hunter, Catfish1$2.00
Buy it Today1982 TCMA Greatest Pitchers25Hunter, Catfish2$0.40
Buy it Today1983 Yankees A-S Fifty Years20Hunter, Catfish1$1.00
Buy it Today1986 TCMA A's Greats9Hunter, Catfish7$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Donruss Highlights19Hunter, Catfish29$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats70Hunter, Catfish5$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Pacific Legends I/II16Hunter, Catfish30$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Pacific Legends I/II193Hunter, Catfish5$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Pacific Legends II193Hunter, Catfish20$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pacific Legends68Hunter, Catfish23$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery126Hunter, Catfish2$0.50
Buy it Today1992 Team Issue Yankees Wiz 70s77Hunter, Catfish1$1.25
Buy it Today1993 Action Packed All-Star Gallery126Hunter, Catfish5$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Jimmy Dean All-Time GreatsNNOHunter, Catfish1$0.50
Buy it Today2001 Upper Deck Decade 70s154Hunter (1974 Al Cy), Catfish20$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Upper Deck Decade 70s5Hunter, Catfish21$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York98Hunter, Catfish22$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Base Set138Hunter, Catfish3$1.75
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Box ScoreP294Hunter, Catfish1$3.00
Buy it Today2002 SP Legendary Cuts76Hunter, Catfish15$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Archive Reserve69Hunter, Catfish7$0.75
Buy it Today2002 Topps Archives162Hunter, Catfish23$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Super Teams128Hunter, Catfish4$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Tribute58Hunter, Catfish2$2.00
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Piece of History6Hunter, Catfish79$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics55Hunter, Catfish14$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes1Hunter, Catfish53$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Flair Greats52Hunter, Catfish16$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Box Score227Hunter, Catfish2$1.00
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Fall Classics69Hunter, Catfish9$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Fall Classics Pennant Aggression15Hunter, Catfish2$0.50
Buy it Today2003 Studio Enshrinement26Hunter, Catfish1$1.95
Buy it Today2003 Topps Gallery HOF11Hunter, Catfish15$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star46Hunter, Catfish4$0.99
Buy it Today2003 Topps Tribute World Series Gold71Hunter, Catfish1$8.25
Buy it Today2003 Ultra When It Was A Game20Hunter, Catfish2$1.50
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Play Ball49Hunter, Catfish15$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics12Hunter, Catfish30$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch13Hunter, Catfish3$1.39
Buy it Today2004 Donruss World Series Blue HoloFoil 10087Hunter, Catfish1$2.00
Buy it Today2004 Fleer Greats of the Game Series 291Hunter, Catfish28$0.18
Buy it Today2004 SP Authentic 199/99152Hunter, Catfish1$6.00
Buy it Today2004 SP Legendary Cuts18Hunter, Catfish33$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps Tribute HOF78Hunter, Catfish4$1.25
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Series 1 Magical PerformancesMP42Hunter, Catfish1$5.00
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection9Hunter, Catfish4$1.00
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Yankees Classics77Hunter, Catfish30$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Greats94Hunter, Catfish17$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Century Stars27Hunter, Catfish5$0.49
Buy it Today2005 Playoff Prime Cuts Timeline Century Silver30Hunter, Catfish1$2.99
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Classics19Hunter, Catfish86$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck HOF14Hunter, Catfish1$1.50
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Origins141Hunter, Catfish1$0.28
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Origins Old Judge114Hunter, Catfish1$0.49
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants16Hunter, Catfish28$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Reflections169Hunter, Catfish4$0.50
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic97Hunter, Catfish15$0.18
Buy it Today2006 SP Legendary Cuts151Hunter, Catfish1$3.45
Buy it Today2006 Ultimate Collect Base Set201Hunter, Catfish2$1.50
Buy it Today2008 Upper Deck Goudey137Hunter, Catfish66$0.18
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